The 23 Best Applications for iPad in Cydia

Applications for iPad in Cydia is kicked. We searched a bit and here is a list of the 23 best applications for iPad in Cydia. To enjoy them!

As you know, Cydia is an alternative to the App Store that appears once we have done Jailbreak our iPad. From Cydia can access a lot of new applications for iPad that are not available in the Apple Application Store.

The 20 Best Applications for iPad in Cydia

iPad SBSettings
This application create a shortcut that allows you to control WiFi connectivity, 3G and Bluetooth very easily. No more entering settings ...
iPad Winterboard
The application Winterboard enable and disable themes for iPad we have downloaded from Cydia.

iPad FullForce
This curious application turns the iPhone application iPad applications, running at full screen without the hassle of having to tap the 2x.

iPad Infinidock
Just 5 applications in the dock? Increase that number with this application available in Cydia.

iPad Infiniboard
This application allows to increase the number of desktops we have in our iPad.

iPad Infinifolders
Large number of applications you can have the folder with Infinyfolders iPad.

Fast Copy iPad
This application streamlines the process iPad cut / copy / paste

iPad Graviboard
Change the gravity of the desk and watch your iPad icons "go crazy." We talked about this app for some time .
Voice Control iOS 4.2.1 iPad
This Voice Control application running on the iPad.

iPad NoSpot
Eliminates the spotlight search feature with this App

iPad PhotoMail
Photographs attached to your emails through this fantastic app for iPad

iPad RetinaAppIcons
This app converts icons of iPhone 4 iPad format.

VoiceActivator To iPad
This app allows you to customize the voice commands for Voice Control.

iPad MulticonMover
Move multiple icons of applications simultaneously with this application.

iPad MakeItMine
Change the typical "iPad" you see in the top left of the screen with the word you want with this application.

iPad MyWi
This application allows iPad 3G share your 3G data connection via WiFi.

iPad unrestrictor 3G
This app allows you to use applications that require wireless connectivity through 3G network.

iPad FontSwap
Change fonts in your iPad with this curious App

OpenSSH iPad
Vital for any "hands" of the iPad. Provides access to system files from PC or Mac iPad

iPad CyDelete
This app changes the way applications erase downloaded from Cydia and allows them to be erased as if the App Store applications are involved.

iPad iFile
Access to system files and folders from the same iPad. As the "Finder" or "Windows Explorer".

iPad PkgBackup
This application allows you to backup all the applications you've downloaded from Cydia and recover after a restore.

iPad Installous
With the implementation Installous iPad is possible to install applications or games cracked in the iPad.

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