Activate iPhone 3GS/4S/4 without SIM

The technical terms related to jailbreak the iPhone and can open some tech-savvy users who do not want to explore the different possibilities in your iPhone without getting caught by the technical sense. Jailbreak and unlock the iPhone is intended to be used by anyone without any technical knowledge and tools to jailbreak 4.3.5 iPhone 4, together with a wizard that will guide you through the entire process. However, before trying to figure out what the latest 4.3.5 jailbreak, you should understand the main technical terms to make a good choice. Jailbreak and unlock field that supports a large number of experts available to offer advice, but we must make the right decision.

Hacktivation Benefits – Activate iPhone without SIM
To use the jailbreak and unlock, you use the iPhone on. When you connect your iPhone with iTunes SIM card provider for the first time, iTunes recognizes the phone and activate it. Many iPhone users do not want to use the SIM card provider that is to use another SIM card. When your jailbreak iPhone hacktivated, you can almost use the jailbreak IOS 5 Limera1n or anyone else for that matter. If you have an old iPhone, hacktivating without a SIM card allows you to use your iPhone as an iPod Touch and old can still use the application is installed.

iOS 4.3.5 unlock iPhone 3G – Is Hacktivation Necessary
To unlock the iPhone 3G or IOS 4.3.5 Limera1n jailbreak or 4.3.5 jailbreak and unlock other, hacktivation is not a requirement. Only be activated by the original carrier SIM card and then proceed to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone. Unlock iPhone 3G without a SIM method will help if you have a problem with your iPhone or unwilling to use the SIM card holder for several reasons. If the iPhone is locked import duty hacktivation techniques you can use still use the iPhone for music and applications for download.

Activate iPhone 3GS without SIM

The activation of the iPhone 3G without a SIM card can be useful for those who will use an unlocked iPhone without having to use the original SIM card operator. Hacktivation This method allows you to activate the iPhone without having to use a SIM card holder. Hacktivation must remember not to open the phone.

Using phonebook SIM card for hacktivation
The most popular ways to activate the iPhone 3G without SIM will use the book in the phone's SIM card. Can be obtained easily from the mobile phone shop at lower prices. Then you need to connect to iTunes and wait for iTunes to recognize and activate your iPhone. However, this method is limited, since it was found to operate in the baseband who became 3.1.3. In addition, the battery drain too experienced when the iPhone hackers with this method.

Using Redsn0w to activate iPhone 3GS without SIM card

A better hacktivation law so without reaching its iPhone hackers is using redsn0w. Redsn0w that lets you activate the iPhone 3G without SIM and then you can continue to open as usual. To hacktivate use redsn0w, you need to jailbreak first. Then you have to go to Bingner repo and download SAM. Now, use redsn0w jailbreak to prepare again. In the window, select Off. Redsn0w is to put your iPhone in DFU mode. After restart, go to Settings -> Sam -> Turn off iPhone. Then connect your iPhone to iTunes and wait for activation. If iTunes does not provide a valid SIM card messages, you need not fear, because when you choose the right provider manually, this error will go away.
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