How to Unlock your iPhone 4S/4 without SIM Card

It is a variety of things to unlock the iPhone without a SIM card to unlock the original iPhone without a SIM card at all. There are pros and cons of each technique. Activate the iPhone without the original SIM card is known as Hactivation, a very general term in the jailbreak community.

The first thing you should know about the iPhone 4S is no way you can unlock or jailbreak the phone now. The phone starts a new month. Jailbreak community working hard to release a jailbreak and unlock your iPhone 4S a powerful tool. You have come to a website that promises to provide untethered jailbreak on the price of a few. Do not fall prey to a scam. Keep track of updates to the jailbreak community. Be patient about the jailbreak and unlock tool for iPhone 4S concerned.

iPhone 4- Unlock with Gevey Ultra SIM
The iPhone was released four years ago. Many changes have been made for the iPhone version. He won the popular iPhone 3G. People still use the iPhone 4 you want to know how to unlock the iPhone without a SIM card. You must have heard about unlocking sim Gevey. Now you can activate the SIM card helps Gevey Ultra iPhone 4. And you do not even need to dial the emergency number for unlocking. All you need is a very Gevey SIM. In less than 15 minutes to successfully unlock your iPhone. Can run on any firmware or baseband.

The practice of SIM card is intended to unlock the original iPhone Gevey without a SIM card. And they work very well. Supported basebands are 1.59, 2.10, 3:10, 4:10 and 4.10.1. This method can be compared with a guaranteed way to unlock the software. However, this method is not free. You need to buy Ultra Gevey SIM. The iPhone must be unlocked first. Make sure your iPhone 4 have Cydia running on it. You will have a sim Gevey is, of course. And even if you do not have much knowledge about the technology, know something about how the iPhone will come in handy.

How to unlock your iPhone 4S/4 – Steps to Follow
There are some simple steps you should follow. Cut the appropriate SIM card tray that comes in the package itself. Launch Cydia and open "FuriousMod" package. Once installed, you receive an error message. Turn off the iPhone off. Placing the SIM tray and SIM Gevey own. The SIM card must be placed above the SIM card GEVEY. The iPhone should be turned off during the process. After inserting the card into the iPhone, turn it on. Wait 40 seconds after turning on the phone. Do not touch anything until the iPhone pick up the signal. Enable roaming mode if you want 3G. The iPhone can be unlocked without the original SIM card.

How to unlock your iPhone 4S/4 – No SIM required

The iPhone Dev Team will release a tool that lets you unlock the iPhone 4 without a SIM card. Or an enhanced version of the Sprint ultrasn0w or a tool to help unlock the iPhone without a SIM card. It is best not to go to the software are now available at random. They can learn more about the new update of the iPhone 4 will open when you follow the jailbreak community blog on Twitter.
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